Going ons

    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Summer Adventure

    Second story I came up with during summer. I was inspired after Up came out, and I've always felt that old people were inheritably cool because they have such awesome stories if you have the time to listen to them. Back in high school one of my classmates had a penguin living in her bathroom (no names) and I always thought that penguins in places where they don't belong was as a funny thought so naturally I had to combine the two.

    There were two more stories I had in mind, one about a guy with an umbrella and a girl who followed him and how he dealt with more and more people under it until a whole crowd was gathered underneath. The other was about a boy running late and was chasing after the school bus so that he could get to school on time to present a project he spent all night working on. In the end he makes it to school at the same time after dealing with lots of different obstacles.

    Umbrella story never got past concept, bus chase was stuck in storyboarding hell. Was fun coming up with these, ha ha.

    Saturday, August 22, 2009

    Pincer Attack

    One of the stories I was working on during summer. Quality of drawings changes because I'd add/remove shots and since I spent ~1 month per story, things change and I move things around. Characters look generic so that others could make totally sweet character designs for these two. Whichever story my class decides on doing, the storyboards aren't concrete so they can change depending on what the class wants.