Going ons

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Gestures and all that jazz

    Gestures of distress, excitement (like waiting for a new episode of Power Rangers), despair (which needs more work) lifting a heavy object and quick gesture practice while attempting to capture my art history lecturer on paper. I know, lol anatomy. I'm practicing!


    Brittany said...

    I believe you can draw anatomy pretty damn well, lol. Amazing job on all of your gesture sketches. LOL, your comparison of excitement to a new Power Rangers episode is priceless.

    Lost Seraph said...

    You know what sucks? Okay, we come from the Art department where we learn how to draw all the anatomy in proportion. When I took 318, I had to break out of that and draw stuff OUT of proportion. Apparently, my blind contours were way better than everything else. :P It's like learning one thing, and teaching myself how to turn that skill off. hehehe.

    Anyways, when drawing gestures for the poses that you will pose on a pre-rigged character later(which is what I'm assuming you're doing), keep it simple and easy to read. Imagine your pose in sillhouette. Is it still readable/ can you still tell what's going on?

    Keep it up, eh?^^