Going ons

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Neal the Neanderthal

    Named my caveman and cave...lady and heres a brief description. Neal wants to impress Tulip with the prettiest flower his eyes have ever seen (almost as pretty as Tulip herself) but things are never easy. The flower is planted infront of D-rex the baddest and dino out there and who also has a taste for cavemen. Chase scene abound!

    New animatic incoming. ..


    Anonymous said...

    OMG -.- .... this is insane!! you put so much work into this!!!!!! IT'S FRIKIN AWESOM!!!!!! Tulip - sooooo coool - sick character design >:)

    Brittany said...

    LOLOL oh god, the character designs are freaken awesome. Damn, you even named them, nicee. Can't wait to see the animatic.