Going ons

    Thursday, January 15, 2009


    So I was at work yesterday at the high school thinking up an idea for my animation. Hearing Crystal's possible story ideas made me rethink my animation so I was pretty lost in thought. Just then, I noticed one of those binders with a clear cover to put paper in. In the sleeve I saw the most amazing note ever on folder paper, handwritten in pen. It went like this.

    I grabbed his binder and and asked him if this had really happened, he said yes and his group of friends laughed because they had been there when he had given her the note. The "no" was soo viciously circled that you could pretty much still see how mad she was at him.

    And then I realized the entire class had been watching me, thinking I was a weirdo for getting so excited over a piece of folder paper. The gears are running in my head now (._.)

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