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    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    The Major Folly of Batte Mangas

    Powerlevels, absolute speed, plotkai, death scene flashbacks and then those delightful quotes, "Now to face my true form", "Looks like I have to use that...", ect. Theres nothing wrong with the battle genre per say but there has to be a limit and there has to be some changes. A manga which comes to mind? Bleach.

    Sure it has some really entertaining battles the art is godly and Kubo's fashion sense is always on point but the manga itself is stagnant, bloated with too many characters (the few awesome characters never get the character development they deserve) has a paper thin story, and it's most recent battle arc has been going on for AN ENTIRE year, hows that for pacing?

    Does it sound like I'm hating on Bleach? Probably but no need to be offended, I'm just being critical on certain aspects of the manga that I wished Kubo would elaborate on or rework. Its not a bad manga and I do read it, but there are lots of ways to make it more engaging instead of spending a few months having two people zoom back and forth near death only to switch to another pair of people and then repeating the process.

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