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    Friday, December 18, 2009


    When I meet people for the first time I make sure to keep my powerlevels low, like sub zero low, until I find out we similar interests. Now I'm just a big a nerd as the next guy at an anime convention, but I've been around the block enough times to know what is socially acceptable. No one wants see or talk to someone dressed up like an anime character speaking faux-Japanese ("OMG sO kAwAiI bAkA nEkO dEsU yO nE") anymore than someone in full football gear talking about football in class.

    Theres nothing wrong with the hobbies people have, so long as it isn't legally or morally amiss or being an unhealthy obsession, and I've always believed that people who are true to themselves are the coolest people to know. However, all things good should be done in moderation and after coming across this magazine I'm stuck with the conflicting emotions of awe and disgust, hell, thumbs up and facepalm even.

    I never had any anime wallscrolls/posters or figurines, Ninja Turtle ACTION FIGURES don't count thank you very much, as I never found any of those to be particularly interesting. I have however built Gundam models, have a bookshelf full of manga and a few gigs worth of unwatched anime on my desktop so you totally can't call me a poser. So whats the point of this blog entry? Its balance.

    While its totally cool, in my opinion, for people to play card games, cosplay, go shark diving, go out drinking, watch anime, sew, made totally sweet graffiti, go to strip clubs, read comic books, or go shopping.

    It is NOT COOL to throw cards at people, cosplay in the office, go shark diving naked, take advantage of people while drunk, watch hentai in campus center, sew together body parts, made totally lame bus stop vandalism, be a creepy 40 year old dude in a strip club, nerdrage over movies based on comics or go shopping for your wedding while forcing your fiancee to come along when his friends clearly want to throw him a bachelor party since its our first bachelor party ever for one of our oldest friends and theres no reason to worry about us because we're all video game nerds but you won't let him go out with us.

    Yeah Mika, I'm talking to you.

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