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    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Music dump

    When I look at my Youtube account the vast majority of my favorites consist of songs or music videos that I happen to come across or have been linked too. It has also come to my attention that besides Pandora, its the source of all my new music. Funny how a video site ended up being a musical powerhouse.

    Looking back through all my favorites, I've got some really funky/interesting/why the fuck did I favorite this, kinda songs.
    Genres include but not limited to: Progressive rock, Hip hop, Drums and Bass, House Trance, World, Ambient, Classical, Scream-o, etc etc. And then theres genres that even I have trouble explaining. Rockabilly, Ghetto tech, Keygen, 8bit and all kinds of stuff listed on myspace's genere list. Remixes, acoustic versions, string quartet tributes, anything is game. Heres a random sample (Links are there because Facebook doesn't upload the youtube videos)

    Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (FD Electro House Remix)

    Kanto Gym Leader Battle Remix

    Metal Gear Solid 2/3 Theme (Orchestra)

    Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers

    Today is the Time for Goodbye

    MGMT - Time To Pretend

    DJ Kentaro - Shuriken Cut

    Damone - Get Up And Go

    Kings of Leon - Closer

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