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    Tuesday, July 26, 2011


    Back in 07 the book store went under some renovations. The electronic store was moved into the old arcade, next to the pool hall, and was moving back at the end of that year. I wanted to buy a G1 Shuffle because everything there was on sale, which I presumed was because they were moving back to the bookstore and were trying to lighten the load. What I saw was a wacom tablet for only $100 down from $250. Deals? Fat deals! So I bought it and promptly skipped my math class in order draw this in Hamilton.

    I forgot how long it took but man did I have fun drawing it. Nothing beats pen and paper but boy did I love using my tablet. It was MAGIC, and I touted it as such to my little cousins and relatives. I've been using my tablet for loads of projects, and it DEFINITELY helped my wrists. Alas, earlier this year my puppy, Blacky (Didn't name him) chewed through the wires and turned it into a paperweight. I haven't done anything on the computer since.

    Today I bought an Intuos4 with my tip money from Lovefeast and this is the first drawing I did with it. Nothing fancy, just work as usual.

    I was genuinely surprised at the size of this thing. It's bigger than my macbook pro and twice the length of my already oversized sketchbook.

    Word of caution to potential buyers. It WILL NOT make you a better artist. Drawing and painting in real life will. Tools don't make an artist, learning the craft will. (I say this after posting a terrible job of rendering scales and shadow in the of my first time using a tablet)

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