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    Friday, December 5, 2008

    A Flower for Tulip

    Final Animation

    Scanning and compositing was done around noonish. Then when I watched it there were lots of choppy parts that kept bugging me no matter how little I paid attention to it. Went back and forth drawing/scanning/uploading. Post production was fun since this was the kind of stuff I do at work. Speaking of work, after winter break I'll demo 2D animation and Maya to my students at the high school, yeaaaaaaaah. I'll model my teaching plan around ACM215 and ACM216 ha ha.

    See you guys tomorrow if you're going to the festival, other than that good luck with your demo reels and Kaveh's.

    Oh, one more thing. Here's my Pandora e-radio station centered around soothing music and Clear Aesthetics. Relax, chill, fall asleep.


    richdang88 said...

    Holy Moly I love it! Super smooth and very original! Awesome Work Jose!

    Anonymous said...

    OH JOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! *^_^* IT'S SO PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHE I LOVE THE SOUND EFFECTS ^^ - WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO ^^!!!!

    TakiNeko said...

    Sweeeet! So awesome dood! Ditto on what Crystel said! :D

    Brittany said...

    LOL damn! That is an awesomely put together animation. The sound effects and music choices really add to it too. VERY nice job.

    Billy said...

    I love this! The fluid movements and squash and stretch and slow in/out and SFX and the music were awesome! :D Great job.