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    Monday, December 8, 2008

    The last push and encouragement for everyone

    The semester, without a doubt our hardest school semester, is finally coming to an end. I could say it was the hardest because I've been taking 6 classes every semester since my freshman year and this was the first time I've experienced this kind of workload and constant exhaustion from just 4 classes (Which actually just felt like only 2).

    The sleepless nights, at least twice a week
    Crazy amounts of stress every time a homework assignment was due
    Said homework assignments which were the equivalent of projects
    Grand ideas/amazing things we've envisioned turning in but realistically only able to achieve 20-50% of it
    Seldom meeting the expectations of our teachers on said assignments
    Legs falling asleep , and aching back (Not to mention hand cramps and bad eyesight) from hunching over our animation boards and computers
    Loved ones and friends we've all had to neglect in order to stay on schedule
    Video games which were left unopened/untouched
    Holidays which never felt like holidays

    -but despite all that-

    We've all by far progressed amazingly and have amazing .mov to show. I'm always amazed at our class's progress and the stuff I've seen my classmates do. There isn't anyone who hasn't tried his/her best at least some point during the semester in order to impress the others and everyone has been impressed by someone's work like wise. Each assignment has their stars, but all of us shine. This semester really pushed us to the next level, without a doubt. Ha ha, I really put on the cheese back there, but it's true.

    All thats left is the portfolio and our movie. Good luck everyone, I can't wait.

    PS: I have kittens in case anyone wants one.
    3 calico kittens up for grabs, PST if interested

    PSS: Heres a .gif to make everyone smile since we're over our animations



    Crystel Sundberg Yannell said...

    Jose .... you are so ridiculously awesome ...........


    every word of it is true *^^* - our class is outstanding - YOU are outstanding *^_^*

    i can't wait to see what we all come up with for our 217/220 final :)

    and i really can't wait to see what we all come up with for our movies for Linda's next semester *^_^*

    out of this world - extremely awesome - uber sick - stuff i bet *^_^*


    Brittany said...

    Damn, everything you said is all true. There were too many sleepless nights caused by just these four classes.
    Everyone has progressed very well, especially from sheer inspiration by eachother's works. The ACM program should definitely change the whole taking these four deadly courses at the same time thing they made us do. >_>
    Keep up your awesome animations, Jose!

    We all need to go to a chiropractor.