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    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Comic book movies

    I've been dying to get my Shark and Swan film to be made, but it's still really really really really far away from being fully realized yet. I have a general story, some character designs, and an idea but I need to think a lot of things through before I even start working on it. Its basically a superhero film about a a dynamic duo with something more important than secret identities. Cryptic, I know.

    In preparing for it I've been watching, studying and researching other superhero films and reading my Campbell book. The new Batman films worked because they had a story and Watchmen was based on a literature masterpiece. It'll be easy to make something flashy with awesome fighting scenes while pandering to other comic book nerds with fan service, but thats not my goal with the film I'm planning.

    I finally got to watch the latest animated movie from DC and I enjoyed it. I still like Under the Red Hood the most out of all the movies so far, not because I'm a Batman fan but because I think it had the best story out of the rest. Go watch Green Lantern: First Flight, Superman Batman: Public Enemies, or Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths if you haven't already and are a fan of DC. Marvel's Planet Hulk wasn't as good as I thought it would have been, so read the comic instead haha.

    Superman: Doomsday had the best animation in part because it utilized Bruce Tim's (Superman: TAS, Batman: TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League and JLU) character designs.

    So anyway, the latest addition to the comic book movie library is Superman Batman: Apocalypse, but could have easily have been called " Supergirl" instead. The movie focused on the origin and struggles of Kara (Supergirl) as she tries to fit into the DCU. Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman (Whose name is absent from the title for some unknown reason) have equal parts and are shown as much as the other but the story struggles since it's trying to juggle between these three powerhouses while also being a coming of age story for Kara.

    The action scenes however, WOW. Choreography of the fights were excellent, especially the climax at the end. I re-watched the last 10 minutes a few times just to take notes. My biggest complaint, next to the movie name, were the character designs. The females looked fantastic but the males...uh looked a bit too girly. I think they should have toned down on the mascara and pouty lip look. The lips especially caused a lot of vibrations in the animation when they talked and looked like they weren't worth all the effort.

    Support DC/Waner Bros by buying DVDs/Blu-rays or by downloading them of itunes and all that jazz.

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