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    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Halloween Costume Progress

    For years I've been telling people that I'm going to be a Blue Ranger (Season 1) for Halloween but I don't have the kind of funds for that dream to come into fruition...BUT!

    After coming across this Halloween Costume last year, I've wanted to do one of my own. I already know how to use maya, and I've always wanted to do a paper craft so I figured that this year was about as good as any to try making my own big head. After looking at Eric's model, I realized that mine had waaaaaaaaaaay too many polys so now I'm in the process of simplifying it and turning my quads into triangles. I did a quick texture on the high-res model just to see how it would look like and I'm totally stoked. My model still needs heavy tweaking but I can't wait to finish it.

    After I'm done with mine I'll work on Roel's. One week to bust these out and finish my 11sec entry, ahhhhh snaaaaaap.

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