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    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Anime clichés you say?

    - Childhood friend moves away, years later returns but with a different personality. But she still remembers all the nice things he's done for her when they were younger,then falls in love with him all over again.

    - Hot spring / Beach / Public Baths

    - Guy has many different girls to choose from, childhood friend loves him the most, but he is stuck with an eccentric girl that is a different species (demon/monster/goddess/alien/mythical creature/etc.)

    - Men who are shoved into situations where they end up living with a bunch of gorgeous and beautiful women

    - That generic Japanese high school.

    - The annoying loli that loves the main character.


    - Guy trips and falls on top of girl in a compromising position.

    - Guy and a girl get locked up in somewhere (gym storage, elevator, abandoned temple during storm etc.)

    - The moeblob schoolgirl with glasses who is really clumsy and airheaded.

    - If you lost your memories, you're a prince/princess with an awesome power

    - Enemies explaining their attacks, moves and special abilities before they use them.

    - Nobody except the main character understands the situation at all. Nobody.

    - Dodging any attack by jumping 20 feet into the air.

    - "Looks like I'll have to get serious. I'll use... that..."

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