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    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Light novels are HEAVYWEIGHTS

    While reading manga RAW is awesome for practicing speech patterns, contextual usage, sentence minding, (And being awesome in general) somewhere along the line I was going to have to read actual books and read actual sentences. I would have avoided it if I could but we're aiming at non sucky level Japanese fluency here, so it was time for me to man up.

    I was able to download The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya light novel from the internet the other day. When I found it I thought, "WOAH!" but when I opened it a sea of Kanji greeted me with furigana nowhere to be seen. Gonna buy one of those DS Kanji dictionaries at ToysnJoys sometime during the week and then spend the rest of summer trying to finish the book. If I could manage that, it would bring honor to my family.

    Oh, and on a somewhat related note. I've been having dreams where people are speaking Japanese lately. I've even had one where Obama was telling me his life story of when he was growing up in Hawaii. He even told me that he learned how to speak it from talking to an old lady near some train tracks, IN JAPANESE. Shit was so cash.

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