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    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Eyeshield21 ends

    One of my favorite WSJ series ended this week ;_;

    This is a sports shounen focusing on a football player named Sena. He was introduced as an ordinary bookworm who excelled at running, specifically running away from fights and was basically the errand boy for bullies throughout his school career. Forced into joining the football team, the team captain gives him a visor to hide his identity and title of "Eyeshield21" so that he could create a new persona completely opposite of his real self. Its really good, like a 'Prince of Tennis' of Football.

    The manga started 7 years ago and has 333 chapters to it's name. I began reading it during Junior year of high school and was seriously considering trying out for my school's football team during Senior year. Glad I didn't, I'd snap like a twig ha ha.

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