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    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Back when we used to play pros

    Totally forgot I had this. The summer after high school ended was when me and my friends were at our prime at video games. Playing Counter Strike 1.6, raiding in WoW, and of course, going to Video game tournaments for smash. We went out to OC2 hosted by Ken in California, showed them what Hawaii was all about and managed to place into brackets. Of course we couldn't compete with the pros, but we all had fun. Before we left I had the crazy idea of getting signatures from all the professionals there, and I did. It was great to play players from around the world too. Europe, Australia and Canada made a showing, learned a few French words during our time there too.

    Ken - Ranked #1 in the world for a few years
    Captain Jack - Was #1 in Japan at the time
    Gimpyfish - Bowser player extraordinaire, been in interviews and used to go to UH (would always come over to my dorm to play)
    Isai - Undesputed #1 in Smash64 and most awesomest guy in the world
    M2K - Frame counter, took #1 spot for a while and was #1 in Brawl
    PC Chris - Super cool and popular. One of the best Falcos
    KillaOR - Was on MTV's True Life: I'm a pro gamer
    KoreanDJ - Thought he could understand Hawaiian, a top player from East coast
    Chudat - Ice Climber player, a top West coast player
    HugS - Another top player from West coast, made some 1337 Samus strats with him

    Theres so much people who are a lot better now, I wish I could compete but they're all just too good ha ha.

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