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    Monday, February 16, 2009


    Dear Kristen Animatic

    Voices are provided by Ralph himself and Chelsea. I had a blast recording, and had a lot of trouble getting rid of my laughing in the background. Theres a lot more funny dialogue between Ralph and his friends but I decided to cut the extra chatter since it was well over 4 minutes at first. Final time is at 2mins 52 seconds, but I still want to cut it down to 2:30.

    The scene after Kristen gets the letter is when shes with two of her friends. A tall one whos talking to Kristen and a short one whos obviously really really bitchy. Shes the one who actually circles the 'No'. I feel like I could push the ending, it doesn't feel convincing enough for me. Any suggestions?


    Brittany said...

    LOLOL wow you must have had tons of fun recording their voices for your animatic.
    As far as the ending goes, I'm not sure how you could push it more, hmmm. I'm sure you'll figure something out. The baby puppies in a basket, all fuzzy and warm part, is good stuff.

    Yeah, I was thinking about having my MC move on, but then I was like, nahh, maybe I'll just end it there, all sad-like, LOL. I'm not too awesome with coming up with endings, so yeah. D:

    Billy said...

    This seems so fun! I can just picture you laughing all the while animating this. Haha. By the way, I did not notice your laughing in the audio.

    For my dream sequence, I think I will draw it in a sketchy style. I still haven't come up with better trippy random dream scenes though! I'm really uncreative. =_=