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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Love and Trust, the story of trust...love and a lama

    So now that we're starting our animation, I figured I'd look back into my own experiences with the subject to superimpose some of it onto my character. Opening old high school notebooks, I was specifically looking for notes/writings I did whenever I sat next the girl I liked back then. Maybe there was some mystical primordial subconscious oozing out onto the page while I tried to control my panic attacks sitting next to her, I dunno.

    Horrified by my own handwriting and anime 'phase' from way back then (10th grade) I found a really really really interesting(terribly written and depicted) story about my thoughts on Love and Trust that I KNOW I showed her just to get a reaction. I'll have to ask her what she was thinking about after looking at this.

    Amazed at my own literary and illustrative prowess, I was dumbfounded at how much this made sense admist all the nonsense. Well, maybe not the Lama part, no clue where that came from but the whole trust, love and not paying attention to the person you trust could lead to a bad end for the team.

    Oh, and I apologize if you couldn't read any of that. I didn't start writing in capital letters until College so until then its all chicken scratch D:

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    TakiNeko said...

    Lol, that was awesome. Seriously. It's amazing how much truth can be found in simple statements, and silly pictures. Although Lama is a ? to me, still awesome. :D