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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Found my music to animate to!

    Now drawing with no music sucks pretty bad, so I went out and tried to look for some awesome romantic music to animate to so that by some voodoo magic it'll affect my animation. Sure theres lots of Japanese songs on the subject and I was really going to use an album when I stumbled upon one of my favorite 8bit artist. He just released a new album on love and all it's joy and hardships so I added it to my "Ralph's Letter" playlist. I urge you to try the genre out. It's nostalgic and incredibly fresh at the same time.

    Nullsleep emerges from the darkness with Unconditional Acceleration – an exploration of romance and tragedy in the 21st century. Five songs, limitless intensity. Ecstatic bursts of cascading waveforms race toward uncertainty. A feeling of ever increasing separation develops. Unattainable distances are approached and sheets of white noise issue forth from the fissures of an obsessively restructured reality. The sound surrenders in memory of another time and place to which we can never return. Download Album

    I suggest Fearless Flight, Salvation for a Broken Heart and Galaxy Tonight.

    ***A little background here, back in the days of Elementary and Middle school and being a HUEG gamer I became a HUEG fan of video game music. Sometimes I would turn on my SNES, plug in MegamanX and just listen to the music of the stage as I would get ready for school. In Elementary with my gameboy and earphones, I'd just chill at the Elite 4 just to peep the music. When High School rolled in I achieved 8bit enlightenment when I found out that people like you and me (well, they were better at music than most of us) began making music not for video games but for general listening...and the rest is as you'd say, history.

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