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    Monday, February 23, 2009

    Break time & Test animation

    Just scanning in my frames now and figured I needed some downtime from homework. Homework? That reminds me! Here are some projects/assignments that some of my students have done that I absolutely love. I wish I had all the toys they have now back when I was in high school.

    Whats your flava? BAGS

    Who ate my cookie?
    Fluffy the Bounty Hunter
    Yearbook PSA
    Mokes and Muppet Talk show
    (I was in the room when they filmed this, frowning because they were talking about a sensitive subject and I didn't want them doing a talk show like this, and also trying my hardest to not laugh the entire time)

    And my personal favorite, Satisfaction by the Double Deans. Warning, unless you're prone to flash induced seizures or dislike watching a room full of guys strip and dance around with their shirts out, this video isn't for you.

    Mind you I had to grade this.

    Kick back, relax, enjoy the night.

    One part of homework. Tightened up animatic with ultra restricted dynamic camera angles! Rough composition to work with so I'll have to work my characters a LOT in order to keep the them interesting. I love the butterfly as much as I love the recording I got from the two of them, as much as I want to marry the butterfly and recordings, I'm sure that I'll have to cut down the chatter. As it stands, whomever's head the butterfly is flying around, thats who's thoughts we hear. I'll be very delicate with the butterfly, so that it doesn't command attention yet is noticeable.

    3rd Animatic
    -Sneaky edit-
    Added to the beginning. I was falling asleep and this idea struck me right before I entered dreamland. Woke up, scanned stuff in and re-uploaded. Makes the beginning a lot funner to watch.

    -Last edit of the night, I swear-

    Test Animation (Ralph)

    Follow through is wonky at places (sideburns) and missing a few in-betw-ins. Especially between the last two poses.


    Crystel Sundberg Yannell said...

    he's handsome :)
    lol - i like the girly embarrassed pose :D

    your animatic was INSANE btw!!! it was so finished!! tsk tsk Jose!! .... too good!!!!! ^_______________^

    Brittany said...

    Those are pretty entertaining videos your students made, LOL @ the seizure inducing one.

    Wow, you did some major editing with your animatic, it's good.
    The butterfly idea is interesting.
    The Ralph animation is cute, haha, nice job.

    Hahah my copywrited music. I really like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, if you put aside all the psycho bloody scenes, it has a very good storyline. The OVA is out, and Umineko no Naku Koro ni is being made into an anime soon too, so that should be able to complete Higurashi further.
    Have you seen it? o.o

    Brittany said...

    Oo, I hated School Days, LOL. Plus, both animes are totally different. In the second season of Higurashi, you'll feel lots of empathy for the characters, especially Rika.