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    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    Healty distractions

    While staying up all night working on our projects or studying for midterms is fun and all, sometimes little pleasures sneak up on you and drag you off to distraction land. You know, those things you'd rather do than doing the stuff you were suppose to be doing? I admit we're all guilty, some more guilty than others...Jose... but thats what makes us all cool and awesome.

    Whenever I'm at that mental exhaustion point, I play a song with just instrumentals and then imagine up a mini-movie in my head that matches the song. Not only that, I imagine out everything in that world works in great detail. It relaxes me and lets my mind stretch.

    Good example:
    Like what they did with Gurren Lagann. Take the soundtrack and re-envisioning the entire world. Like this one where Kamina is the bad guy. My mini-movie of this song revolves around this Samurai and his Ninja sidekick as they fight off this giant 20 story Oni within a city. Good stuff.

    Bad example:
    Same song, but turning Gurren Lagann into a Yaoi fan-fiction with TOO MANY details and stuff you don't want to think about. You can do it, but keep it hidden away from me D:

    Its my way of meditating and coming up with ideas. Try it sometime when you need a break, let that inner child out and play pretend in your head :3

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