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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Movie Poster

    It took a hellvalot longer than I expected to color this piece. Mainly because I was shooting for a coloring style that I more or less hit and missed.

    Ralph has this crush and understandably, he has that nervous chill whenever Kristen (his crush) is around. Ralph, being the nice guy that he is, gives her a bottle of water to help her cough one day in class. Being the nervous person that he is however, ends up shaking uncontrollably...spilling A LOT of water on Kristen. Not wanting to studder a mouthful of spit just trying to say sorry, he writes a letter of apology. But thats not all he wrote.


    Heres a not so desaturated, more to look at poster.


    Anonymous said...

    LOL - omg - does she have rabbit ears??? too cute Jose ^^

    your character designs are always really good - it reminds me of the best of hannah barbara - like the really really good designs ^^

    Jose Marzan said...

    Little pig tails that come from the top of her head ha ha. I wish to aspire to the greats, thank you! Wheres your poster, I wanna peep!

    Brittany said...

    Ahaha omg, you have a great real life experience to draw from. Poor student of yours. I can't wait to see this animated.

    TakiNeko said...

    I've been waiting to see this realized, and now you're a step closer with this awesome poster! I love the painterly look of it dood. :D Love the character looks too.