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    Monday, March 2, 2009


    So here I am, surfing around the interwebs in the wee early hours of the night just clicking (semi)randomly around and found some pretty interesting sites. While mindless browsing is fun, I'm keeping true to my word and going around Japanese sites instead. Over the weekend I found two sites that are random but interesting to just check up on.

    The first is a regular blog, not particularly interesting at all really (sorry, I lied) but I think it its pretty cool. Just a a girl blogging about her life and all it's mundane-ness which I enjoy translating. Takes me an hour per post, but its pleasant and good practice. うさぎさんの毎日

    The second is another blog, but with audio! Its more like a podcast if anything about the daily life and interesting topics of three girls from Hokkaido. Recorded from their all girl school's recording studio, topics range from the kinds of coffee they like, to the different sports they enjoy, shops they like going to at and how awesome music from Hokkaido is (I must look into this). To be honest I feel like I'm sitting in with a group of girls as they talk about their day to day going ons but without all the えとー's and あのー’s. Its like making Japanese friends but without having to talk! ha ha ha マリモエオ

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