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    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Dropping the N-bomb

    Ditching the N-word

    Interesting link. An exploration on the definition "Nerd" and the general consensus of, though diluted, social connotations of what it implies.

    Geek - Someone who has interests are not necessarily mainstream or popular: science fiction, fantasy, role playing, the list goes on. Can have shyer tendencies but usually manages to find like-minded brethren. Despite their hobbies, they are mostly balanced individuals and know how to get out on a Saturday night. At the same time, they are perfectly content not going out on a Saturday night, if it comes to it.

    Nerds - Someone that has geek hobbies but does not have balance. Goes totally overboard. No social graces whatsoever. Would not know what to do if asked to leave home on a Saturday night. May possibly get together with other nerds and do nerdy things on said Saturdays, but unlike geeks, has no capacity whatsoever to engage in more mainstream activities.

    Dork - Someone, either popular or unpopular, who does/has done relentlessly stupid things. Also known as whale's penis.

    /b/tard - A normal, fully functional citizen of any society who, through complete internet anonymity, has become a an entity with nazi tendencies, pedophilistic desires, has complete disregard for his fellow's mental and physical health and all around a complete jackass. Occasionally produces lulz which in turn become memes that are wholly accepted by internet subculture. That person you wish you could punch in the face through the internet.

    To be fair, picture is of hikikomoris' doing what they do. I just wanted a reason to post it.

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    TakiNeko said...

    I'm a geek. :D I think the other definition has something to do with a circus guy who bites off the heads of chickens? But I could be wrong. XD