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    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Maquette and some Pimp Ass 音楽

    So heres what I have, spent FOREVER on his hair and legs. Not at all satisfied with the face but I can't change it anymore least ruining his whole head D: I'm glad its almost done, still gotta smooth a lot out but for the most part I'm happy with it. Do we bring these in? I dunno lol. I guess I'll try to figure out how to transport this around -.-

    Now I've somewhat gotten "kinda" used to getting around this japanese music site I've found some pretty すごいー音楽 browsing (randomly clicking) around. I admit, the only way I'd learn of awesome Japanese songs were from the OP and ED of different Animes. I'm not ashamed, though I kinda regret letting everyone know now. ANYWAY! Things are different now, because now I'm going to find the next awesome song BEFORE it becomes a OP or ED.

    First video is a J-pop song by Soutaisei Riron, second is more glitch-core but done by OMODAKA, a Japanese artist and the video itself is amazing (inb4 lolmayaparticles), and the last is an R&B (!!!!) song by Aoyama Thelma. The last one is another one by OMODAKA but with Japanese this time, trippy with a delightful melody. While watching OMODAKA music videos, all I could think of was 誰か説明してください! Finding awesome stuff makes me smile :)


    Brittany said...
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    Brittany said...

    Ralph looks very awesome; I love his expression and pose. You did a good job on his face too! To answer your question, I did the digging out clay and rolling up some for eyes and eyelids, but, in the end, I eventually smashed the eyes in, so it looks like I just carved it in the first place, LOL. Stupid eyes.

    I have no idea about bringing it to class, but, this is ghetto weather to.

    Oo, those songs are good, and I sadly have to admit, 70% of my Japanese songs are all from anime and maybe 6 from J-drama, LOL. I actually have そばにいるね, I love that song. I also have the other version with Soulja featuring Aoyama, ここにいるよ.

    O yeah, you should totally cosplay too and join the fun, LOL. Chad needs more fans.

    Jose Marzan said...

    I'm liking looking for music. Its like 'Wheres Waldo', but everythings Japanese...including Waldo ha ha. I downloaded ここにいるよ thinking it was the same song, and spent half a day looking for it -.-