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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    They hate our guts! They hate our...insides....ugh...

    If you're a gamer, these people HAET you!

    I'm not mad at these people, but I am annoyed that the General census of what a typical "gamer" denotes, is that its someone who only plays WoW all day. not saying WoW is bad or anything Great game but bad end for life but just being lumped together with them makes me frown. what about all the hours I spent on my DS?!!?

    I didn't waste my Life on other games and systems just to be grouped together with the low-tier bandwagon gamers who spam Barrens chat or bought their characters on Player acutions (I admit that I've sold characters to those suckers though). I liked it better when everyone thought that being a Gamer meant you played Halo and Madden all day. At least you could pretend that you were part of a Frat. Thats way cooler then pretending that you're a shut it.


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    Gabriel Yanagihara said...

    Oh wow, not sure how I missed that post. Haha, I like how they asked that one girl what lvl her boyfriend's wow character was.