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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Translation Fun (Practice? Both?!?!)

    Finding and listening to music is great and all but I figured that if I wanted to enjoy the Japanese songs I've been listening to, then I better damn well KNOW what the song is about. Quite obvious really, though it only hit me earlier this morning...a fact which I've decided to rectify. Thats what I get for being so spoiled on OP and ED subs XP.

    So keeping true to "The Quest" I found the lyrics of this song and popped open a dictionary. Suddenly remembering that I had no clue as to how to find specific Kanji, since I never learned how to use a Japanese Dictionary, I internet-ed my way over to Jim Breen's online dictionary and worked on translating. It's a pretty rough and iffy translation since the context of each line still alludes me at some point but it goes well with the music video which means I'm on the right track. I know I got some lines wrong but I'm satisfied and mentally pooped.

    I was bright, you were cloudy
    I wonder if our passion and dreams were a heavy burden

    The things you hated were forgotten whenever you were by my side
    Where was I looking, even though I wasn't expecting to find it

    Well on that day

    At the same time you said "Good-bye"
    あの約束の破り方を 他の誰かの愛し方を
    I promised to escape the path of love from other people
    Though truthfully we didn't know what would happen

    約束したよね 「100歳までよろしくね」
    Our deep promise "We'll be together until we're 100"
    But I felt our 101st year came too quickly

    こんなこと言って ほんとにごめんね
    For leaving things the way they are now, I'm really sorry
    In my mind, I realize my heart has mixed feelings

    But that's just how I am

    造ってくれたのは 救ってくれたのは
    The one who made me, the one who saved me
    きっとパパでも 多分ママでも 神様でもないと思うんだよ
    Definitely Papa, but perhaps it was Mama, surely not god
    残るはつまり ほらね君だった
    Though you were there for sure

    Even if you see me bound to someone else
    As two people, fate binds us
    その中にもきっと 君の遺伝子もそっと
    That between us, your genes (feelings,personality) gently
    Is being mixed into me, I wonder

    でも君がいないなら きっとつまらないから
    But if you're not here, it'll undoubtedly be boring
    As I kill time, I'll coincidentally be waiting until 20085

    今までほんとにありがとう 今までほんとにごめんね
    I really want to thank you for everything up until now, and I'm sorry too
    今度は僕が待つ番だよ 君が生きていようとなかろうと
    It's my turn to wait this time, for you to live your life
    But I was able to laugh for the first time as we made our promise

    「さよなら」と一緒に 僕からの言葉を
    "Goodbye" at the same time take these words of mine
    「ありがとう」と一緒に 「ごめんね」を
    "Thank you" as well as "Sorry"

    「空が綺麗だね 人は悲しいね」
    "Its a pretty sky, with sad people"
    Its bathed with truth and becomes clear (???)

    僕の好きな君 その君が好きな僕
    I love you, that you love me
    It was clear to me, before I knew it (???)

    This love that if I had to name it, It'll be "Thank you"


    Crystel Sundberg Yannell said...

    beautiful video Jose! ^^ thank you for sharing ^^

    hehe - aren't you fluent yet? you spend so much time studying!! four years in highschool and i know nothing o.O

    "it's a pretty sky with sad people" - i really like that line!!! thanks for translating it for us ^^V!!

    your marquette is EPIC btw O.O ... you made the desk and everything!!! :) very cool ^^

    Billy said...

    Wow, translated a whole song, impressive! I use this really convenient Firefox add-on translator where it highlights text on a website and then translates it in a small pop-up window. It's super helpful, but it doesn't work on images though. Check it out here! http://perapera.wordpress.com

    You have to download the add-on and then you have to download the dictionary file. They didn't mention that bit clearly.

    Jose Marzan said...

    Ohh good stuff Billy! That saves me SOO much time, now I don't have to jump back and forth. Damn thats sweet!

    I wish I were fluent right now! Ha ha, these 4 years in high school really amount to 2 since my first 2 years I had a really bad teacher. I'm thinking of doing a translation every Thursday for practice and fun, theres so many awesome songs that people should be exposed to!