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    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    An Important Influence

    I was browsing around online when I found some people posting drawings from one of my favorite artist. I was floundering around in high school with no art/illustrative background once so ever for the longest time and It wasn't until I joined Go-Gaia that I was exposed to all the different kind of artists and (anime) styles out there. So I figured I'd use this post to share one of my most important influences.

    Saka, mainly known as one of the founders and main artist for Go-Gaia (Gaiaonline's old site name). I feel in love with with his style and for the loooooooongest time I tried to emulate him, this of course before I knew anything ha ha. He has a very specific way of depicting the human form, exaggerating the eyes and style of rendering. Hes pretty cool, and me being exposed to his work kick started me on my artistic journey.


    Billy said...

    Woah, that's awesome indeed! Thanks for sharing! *A*

    Gabriel Yanagihara said...

    Awesome work man!