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    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Watchmen, fuck yes you are the greatest adaptation EVER

    So being a the huge comic book nerd that I am, when a possible Watchmen movie was first announced like a decade back I was skeptical, and pretty much jaded at the idea. I first encountered Watchmen from a comic book vendor at the old Swap Meet near Pearlridge when I was 9. I grew up on the historically laughable 90's generation of EXTREME comics, so this was my first encounter with something old school and man was it a doozy. So back then when I heard of a movie adaptation I didn't think it would be possible at all for it to be anything like the amazing crazy sexy comic I had instantly loved.

    Fast forward to two years ago and when I heard that Snyder picked up the task to making the adaptation, I was ecstatic! Seeing what he did with 300, I knew that Watchmen would not disappoint. Then the internet rumors began spreading about how they changed the ending, cut stuff from the movie, changed things around...but you know what? I didn't care because the movie had to appeal to those who had never heard of the comic before and besides adaptations would never live up to the original so I was happy that the someone who wanted to make a homage of Watchmen was the Snyder who didn't impose his vision on the comics, but rather tried his best to portray the original creator's vision instead.

    Fuck the "fanboys".
    There was an animation using all the paneles and text straight from the comic book with voice acting and the "fanboys" still complained. This was an amazing adaptation, littered with so many details that people like me would go ga-ga over. Like the implication that Viedt might be gay, or the opening credits.

    Man. brb going to reread Watchmen again.


    Ghost23 said...

    I don't know didn't they do that with the spiderman movies and look how they turned out. total crap!

    Jose Marzan said...

    Spiderman 2 was pretty good, but man was I pissed off at Spiderman 3. Besides that, the Spiderman movies are entirely new storylines where as Watchmen seeked to replicate the comic book as faithfully as possible.
    Sure the ending didn't have the alien squid monster but it wouldn't have worked with the modern audience, and they had to cut stuff in order to keep the movie from being too long.

    It racks up there with LotR, Jurassic Park, Sin city and 300 in terms of quality and respect in regards to it's source. Definitely a must see film.