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    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Kanji VOODOO

    So anyone and everyone who's ever taken a Japanese class knows how sucky Kanji is, and how hard it is to memorize, the hassle of remembering stroke order and how time is better spent on the internet. While on my quest of fluency enlightenment I stumbled upon this amazing piece of software. It goes through all the kanji a student would need to learn, and in order so that it becomes easier writing complicated characters when they're just combination of simpler ones.

    It works off of a SRS system so memorization is optimized. Just think of it as smart flashcards. The easier the card, the less likely you'll ever review it, and the program will always manage to refresh your memory on that one bit on info you were on the verge of forgetting. Good stuff, but it's PC only.

    Kanji Gold

    Of course you'll have to go and practice writing the characters out, and put some effort into memorizing, but hey nothing comes easy eh?

    Did I mention its free?

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