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    Thursday, May 7, 2009


    HOLY SHIT. Anonymous actually did it.

    The Katawa Shoujo VN demo has been out for a whole week, but I can't touch it until my month long block is lifted T____T

    What is Katawa Shoujo? Its a Visual novel (Like those Goosebump books where you make choices but with pictures) about girls with disabilities. I remember contributing ideas and some concept art to this project waaaaaaaaaaaay back when the idea was sparked in 4chan's /a/ some years ago. To the left was the page that inspired the project. Just to make it clear, both this and Clannad are NOT H-games.


    Candace said...

    Its weird imagining you talk about these things:| Exactly how many out a character hobbies do you have?

    TakiNeko said...

    I totally thought that Katawa shoujo, when reading about it previously, was the H-game that 4chan created. I had Ryan download it for me on his computer cause I wanted to see how good the quality was of the game. Our ACM group could probably create something like it as I imagine the programming isn't all that hard. We could probably actually animate some movie scenes too. :D

    Just a thought, haha!

    Jose Marzan said...

    Dude! I was thinking the same thing! I was thinking about making a fake anime OP or ED for this over summer just for shits and giggles or mock anime scenes that people would think were real.

    Oh man shit would be cash!