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    Saturday, May 9, 2009

    With Students

    I wasn't suppose to go out last night but my co-worker at the high school, Lummy, was throwing a party for her students... oddly enough some of them just so happen to be my students as well. At first I was just going to drop my little brother off and pick him up later but after spending a whole day inside drawing, I figured I deserved to enjoy the night.

    Usually when students ask me out to a party, that means they want me to buy drinks or hang out with them while they're drinking and doing some other illegal stuff I don't want to know about. It was nice hanging out with these guys because I knew they arn't like that. The sketch book pages above were from Lummy, after finding it laying around I just had to take pictures of all the cool stuff she had in there. Shes a UH alumni from the design track so I had a blast talking about faculty and old art projects.

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