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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Getting the Job Done and Party after

    So I felt pretty accomplished of myself today at work. Spent the whole school day working on my class's HQ printer so that everyone could print at ultra sexy quality. God bless you Google, I didn't just buy stock from you to get rich later, you're also why the world goes round. What did I have to do? Why I:

    - Read the printer manual and skimmed a Printer faq site so that I knew my printer terms and what I needed to do to get what my boss wanted out of the printer
    - Found and installed paper profiles from a Spanish site
    - Got better drivers from a Japanese web site
    - Overcame the school's web site blocks with proxies and 1337 html haxzzoring to access the next set of sites
    - Made 4 accounts to different tech web sites in order to access their support pages and learned some tips
    - Downloaded a program that bypasses the original print box dialog in Photoshop and Lightroom, Indesign etc.
    - Downloaded another program that gives more control over the printer that allows you to adjust ink density, print speed, drying time between passes, etc.
    - Bought a cheap usb stick to turn into a dongle that has an encryption key in order for the downloaded programs to work
    - Convinced my friend to give me his old monitor-printer calibration kit by buying him a bucket of KFC chicken and complimenting on his good looks
    - Went to OfficeMax to buy ink because after printing 20 test pages I realized that it ran out of yellow
    - Made a custom printing profile for consistent ultra sexy printing
    - And finally installed onto all the computers everything they needed and networked all the computers to the printer

    After making contact with my friends after being MIA for a month I found out about a season finale Lost party being held by Tony. I HAD to go, home (especially my room in particular) had become immensely depressing from all the homework and studying. After spending a good hour driving around Hawaii Kai desperately trying to read their street signs on the light posts and having to make multiple forced turns on our way there we made it on time for the show. I haven't seen Lost since the second season but if you're wondering what a Lost party looks like, it looks like a bunch of people playing Smash brothers and Planet Puzzle League with Lost playing in the background.

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