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    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Weird Stuff Outta Nowhere

    You ever have days where you notice something off? Like something there that wasn't there before, or recognizing someone but not knowing who they are or why you know stuff about them? I had quite a few of those moments today, pretty freaked out right now.

    I had to sit in the Graphics Lab almost all day today and there were 6 people who I recognized and knew, but didn't know where. This one kid had a shirt with a design that I originally made and printed 5 years ago, and while collecting paper in the room there was a girl who wrote her 'J's, 'W's and 'E's like me. Earlier that day I on my way to the classroom there was this pillar off to the side of a building that I have never seen before. I coulda sworn it was never there when I was in school, but the way its attached to the building shows that its been there all along.

    And when I came home and logged onto my Youtube account there was this playlist that wasn't there yesterday.

    I don't know enough Japanese to know how to make one so I know I didn't make it.


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