Going ons

    Saturday, May 2, 2009

    FF Pictures

    It's good to mix things up every once in a while. I'd usually be playing video games Friday nights but going out pretending to be cultured is fun too. I always look forward to seeing Indigo's resident breakers busting out a few moves, the galleries were filled with the usual touristy 'Island art' but this one piece of a glass dress and bird in the back was super pimp. As we were killing time outside, Chinatown had a hardcore 20+ policemen crackdown. Like the kinds you see in the movies. Pretty cool.


    Candace said...

    Your ex and high school friends are the only ones whos seen you breakdancing but none of us had the chance to see. A lot of us are curious to see you go on the dancefloor oh and you didnt comeback to say bye to us=O! You looked silly next to your friend because he looked like a manager and you were his secretary tagging around~

    Jose Marzan said...

    I didn't know much to begin with and it's been way to long for me to be able to do anything. If I pick it back up maybe, but you won't see me poppin and lockin anytime soon.

    Ha ha, the line to get into Next Doors was waay to long for us to wait in just to say goodbye.