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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Yakuuuuuuza Girl

    So, one of the recurring topics that happens between me and my friends is the discussion about whether or not one of our bosses is Yakuza. Her name is Ali and is near top of the food chain at the waterpark. Now she appears to be a normal Japanese person at first glance, until you notice all the tattoos she has.

    Right now you're prolly thinking "Well maybe she just likes having a lot of tattoos" and you may be right, but that won't be the only reason why we think shes Yakuza. Shes been able to hook up people with the most RIDICULOUS deals, ever. Want an iPhone? $20. Labtop? $100. She knows a lot of people, and knows how to get things from them.

    When we went out to celebrate another one of our co-worker's birthday at D&B's, she was able to get the pool room and the roof for us the whole night just like that. We keep hearing more stories about limo rides, going to high end restaurants for free, her getting hundreds of $ worth of drinks at bars and not having to pay a thing.

    Even in the off chance that shes just a normal girl whos SUUUUUUUPER well connected and just happens likes full body tattoos, we'll keep believing that shes Yakuza. So in the off chance that we mess up reaaaaaaaaaaaally bad at work we all got pinkies to spare. Plus having a Yakuza boss sounds pretty attractive. I've always wanted to be a henchmen for a femme fatale.

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