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    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Singing to the Heavens

    There is but one person who is known throughout the land of Kapolei. For as long as since the days of Middle School, this person has blessed the main walkway of my hometown with only his scantly clad body, weights (sometimes a tennis ball), shorts and fanny pack to show. Everyone in Kapolei and Makakilo knows him as the Makakilo Man, and has lovingly been adopted as our city's mascot. No matter what friendly aura you'll exhibit, you will end up feeling ashamed, threatened, confused and inadequate after a long stare down as he passes you by like some common commoner.

    Like some mythical beast he deserves your awe and respect, but is always mentioned in hushed tones. You don't want to mess with him, the rumors about his life are as large as the legend himself. Our group made a song about him a year ago and last night we did a punk version of it. Peep it here

    If you gotta facebook, heres the full version of the original

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    Candace said...

    Ahhhhhh!>O Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles! Why wasnt the camera on him>:[