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    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    BFA Graphic Design Portfolio Show

    My super radical, amazingly awesome, hardcore "I can kick your ass in Graphic Art" Sempai has her Graphics Design portfolio up for show. Who is she? Her name is Angelica Rabang, my upper classman and throughout high school shes pretty much the golden girl. She did somewhere along the lines of 90%+ of the amazing graphics work at Kapolei, the score board for our football field, hundreds of banners/posters/stickers for the school and businesses throughout the state which helped fund for VICA and also design some super sexy pimp ass railings for our then Graphics teacher.

    Because I was her little junior I was able to learn a shit-ton about Photoshop and graphic design in detail. It's only natural that I go around bragging about her right? I owe a lot of my success in school and also as an artist to her so I figured I'd spread the word about the presentation happening.
    Time: 18:30 - 20:30
    Where: Art Building Auditorium, Room 132

    Also, my long time Art Department classmate Takuya Kamibayashi and present classmate Hiromi Zimmerman are in the show as well (did I mention that they were awesome too?) so check them out.

    Fun Fact: I would have been in the Graphics Design track but then I realized that nothing I could have done would ever be half as good as any of her stuff. Straight up INTIMIDATION O_O


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