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    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    Lightmark (Semi-related to pixalation)

    When those light painting Sprint commercials first came out I was really amazed and impressed with the effort and creativity. It was a new spin on the Pixalation animation scene, fresh creative and personal. Then somewhere along the line they began to create VFXs that mimic'd and very soon after replaced the old method which destroyed all all the asthetics of what makes light painting, light painting. It became souless, from being a culmination of effort, planning and creativity from many talented individuals into a one man digitalized After Effects filter.

    From a burucrastic standpoint its fantastic (and terrible for artists everywhere) and I understand. And so I became what everyone else ended up being, jaded ha ha.

    Then this site came up, turned me upside down and smacked me in every which way until I began to like it again. Instead of turning the landscape into a light show, these guys choose to accent and fuse light into the scenery to create a new experience. Good stuff.

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