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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Birthday loot

    I used to open my garage once a month and it'd be swamped with people from the Hawaii Smash Bros Community. Kapolei to Hawaii Kai, up from Kaneohe, everywhere inbetween and even players from out of state. It consisted of 1 very small garage, 1 table full of BBQ goodness, 5-7 TVs running, and 30-40 gamers doing what we do best, having fun gaming it up with friends from all around the state, shoulder to shoulder mano a mano. Nowadays, it's only been open once every half a year at a time...so sad D: Last week was special though, it was a triple birthday party...more than enough reason to open up the garage!

    Last time I had it open was when the blackout struck, can you imagine 40 gamers suddenly without anything to game on? Ha ha it was CRAZY!

    Anyway, since this being a blog, I'll be damned if I don't have anything to pointlessly blog about. So Birthday loot and videos (to be edited in later)!

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