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    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    Horror Manga

    When it comes to manga, it doesn't matter if it's a Shojo or Shonen. As long as its interesting I'll give it a try and if it's good I find myself a day/week later mentally drained and having to get a paper done in a few hours. Alas, I've been pretty unfamiliar with the horror genre.

    I've gone through Gyo and Uzumaki, which are both more odd and strange instead of scary. To rectify this slight oversight I've been hunting down nice and scary mangas for future marathoning after quitting animation for the day. I should be sleeping right now, but it took A LOT of will power just to tear myself away from reading these two and blog about them.

    If anyone's interested, the one to the left is called Shiki, the artwork is very nice and the story revolves around a secluded rural town and the horrors that beset it's inhabitants. The one to the right is called High School of the Dead, for all you L4D fans. This one pays homage to the Night of the Living Dead movies so you'll know what to expect.

    Both good mangas, and definitely worth looking into. Preferably at night, lights out, in a cold room, under a blanket and alone. Maybe a night light on, but only that one night light.


    Candace said...

    It was nice to have you come outside for once:] When you took Gene home we thought you were gonna come back but instead you went home to read your comics! I think when you put this up we finally got the bonfire started but then police came x..x and we had to leave your tent behind sorry! I hope you get to do pixar everyones rooting for you=0

    Candace said...

    Oh and thanks for playing cupid last night;]

    Jose Marzan said...

    I knew you guys were gonna get in trouble sooner or later thats why I dug out ha ha, plus Gene felt a little sick so it gave me an excuse to bring him home. Don't worry, the tent was falling apart anyways.

    Anonymous said...

    The vampire one is creeeeeepy! I looked at one you sent to Chad and he was on the page where you see the dead lady sitting on the roof staring at the two guys thru the windowX[ The other one looks stupid it has too much violence and girls with boobies that are waay too big:l Why are you reading these! You have questionable hobbies Mr Marzan