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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Final Countdown

    Placement exam day. Awesome. So far the general reaction I've gotten have been

    From The Boys:

    From The Girls:
    'You should be alright, good luck I guess'

    From students who are coming into UH this fall:
    'If we end up in the same class I'll be ragging on you'

    From friends who took it:
    'You know a bunch of Kanji but I don't think they'll be on the test, 200 for sure'

    From Japanese friends:
    'Maybe, studying is really good, you will be very fine as you do the testing"

    From parents
    'Why are you bothering with Japanese? Japanese this Japanese that, your grandmother has been speaking to you in Filipino since you were a kid and still you can't- etc. etc.'

    Time to 0wnzz0rz get raped by that test.

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