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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Power Rangers

    Right now it's Lunch2, we have 2 lunch breaks (complicated reason) and I'm left to watch over my classroom. During Lunch1 I had a bunch of my old classmate's little siblings to talk to and the topic was, strangely enough, about Power Rangers.

    Now I love Power Rangers as much as the next guy but what struck me square in the face was how much of a total dork I was about it. I had an opinion of pretty much all of the seasons, wtf? I don't remember keeping up with the franchise past PR:In Space aside from an episode or two here and there, but for some crazy freaky reason I knew a lot more than I had lead myself to believe.

    Had my body been tuned to unconsciously absorb television waves of Power Rangers? lol, I dunno. Anyway, since I've got 15 minutes to kill and my animation stuff is at home I figured I'll randomly blog away my opinion on Power Ranger seasons. Surprised I got all this done before lunch ended, but now I don't have time to eat T_T


    加美ケン said...

    Thanks for the comment earlier. I agree, dino thunder is one of the better modern power ranger series. I actually watched that one. That was the dino ninjas with the skateboarding pacific islander lookin red right?

    Jose Marzan said...

    Yup yup, ditto on being the only recent one that I watched all the way through. It felt like a real spiritual successor to the original plus it had the next coolest villain next to Zedd. I looooved the episdoe where Tommy recalls all the old power rangers and when they find out about his past the new ones were all like 'wtf he was a power ranger?!?!'

    Ghost23 said...

    Damn U.S. Bastardization version, I so hate those. They dumb down the story to the point where any semblance of intelligence is not needed to watch it and a lot of the stuff they do for some reason seems so lame, its like they go out of their way to be lame.