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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Goodbye guilty pleasures

    Japanese 211 next semester, thank god -.- Had to persuade the test giver since I had originally placed into 102, which I'm still salty at myself for that. Though after a few emails, black mailing, drug runs, drive by's (but mainly thanks to begging) It'll work out if I'm able to:

    A) Hold a basic conversation with him come fall time before school starts
    B) Take 102 during the 2nd summer session, costing an ultra lame $700
    3) Take 102 but in the beginning of class show the teacher some 1337 Japanese ownage, get my money back and a get into 211 free card

    I was able to get the first two sections of the Kanji part finished and my listening was pretty damn good, but most of my conjugations and sentence making was teh lose. Thats what I get for only reading manga instead of working with real sentences. He was confused at my results and really sketchy putting me into a 200 level class hence the condition but it looks like if I keep reviewing during the summer he'll let it slide.

    Now thats out of the way I've also sealed all of my distractions. All my sin sites have been blocked as of tonight, with the exception of youtube, blogger and my emails. All English sites are also blocked, I'm only allowed on .jp sites or the Japanese versions of English pages. More Japanese and more time working on my animation, which seriously needs to be put together already.

    Oh and to end on an awesome note, everyones heard of crochet before right? You know those hand sewn sweaters or beanies you get from dear old grandma/aunt/creepy cousin? Well I found a book that teaches you how to make (wait for it) crochet robots, or 'Crobots' as it was labeled in the book. Proof to the left, available at at BnN.


    Candace said...

    Good job -->!!!<-- Is Takuya Yu and Hiromi going to be here in the summer for you to learn form them? Arnt you going to be gone during the summer if you do the pixar thingy=O?

    Jose Marzan said...

    Yuu is coming back to live here in June, I dunno about Takuya and Hiromi. I've been Skyping with them whenever they go back so it doesn't really matter. I got a 'better luck next time' email from Pixar today but s'all G, didn't think I would've gotten in anyways ha ha