Going ons

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Tonight I dine on turtle soup

    2, 6, 7 and finally 9 years ago were pretty much the best birthdays in the world. Why? Because each TMNT film came out within a week of my birthday and I would totally be in Ninja Turtle mode. The year I was born was when the animated series started and thus my Filipino speaking skillz had been doomed from the very start ha ha.

    Today they've finally confirmed to release another film on my 24th birthday. How awesome is that? D00d, I don't think there's enough adjectives in the world that I could use in order to explain how awesome it is.

    Thats how awesome it is.

    I know the 3rd movie was lame, though the recent one was pretty good and I know I'm totally wearing my nostalgia goggles right now but man. I was born to love this franchise. I'm stoked! Shit will be like, totally tubular!


    Candace said...

    I finally got to see your blog! I thought it was pretty funny that your teacher has you putting up your homework online for everyone to see but this is really cool!O.O I wish I had classes like this but then I wouldn't want to show any of it with others who are better X..X I love how youre really blogging lol, that mask is cute:] or should it be formidable?

    Jose Marzan said...

    Snooping around and leaving comments like the one you left a few minutes ago is asking for trouble Missy. >.o

    Chesere is going into ACM next year spring but probably down the production track. You staying or going to Calarts where you'll end up being my mortal enemy?

    Formidable is ok, but I would much rather prefer being called ninj-astic.