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    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    Out with the boys

    After mailing out that little bundle of stress I figured I needed a night to recuperate. It had been a month or so since I last went out with "The Boys", my core set of awesome sauce owl hunting pewpew gamers who I go dicking around with until 3AM and even though work starts at 8, friends I've had since middle school.

    It was only Rick Cha and Frank last night though, Nick was by UH gaming it with the 1337 gamers, Ian was still beat up from jujitsu, Alvin was being elusive as ever, Ron was off in da bushes raiding without us in WoW, Savvy was sleeping after pulling an all-nighter for school but FOR ONCE I wasn't at home, which made me incredibly happy and all giggly inside.

    We were planning on going into town to hit up Don Quixote, as per tradition but then Cha's sister called and asked us if we wanted to go to a BBQ up at their house, mind you this was already past 10 at night. We proceeded to go filling up on STEAAAAAAAK, SAAGS sausages, chicken and, AND! BBQ'd Bacon. BBQ'd Bacon is AMAZING, so I suggest you try it sometime. Reminiscing and having sing alongs until late into the night was nice, plus I missed my friends D:

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