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    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    KKon Part II

    Big surprise seeing Kaveh down there for both days! I hope I can score a picture of him he took of me the first day, ultra sexy high quality camera and mega wireless professional lights for the win. You know, I forgot my camera the first day and today I forgot the battery so I had to make due with my camera phone. Image quality ranges from decent to ultra fail, while on the other hand the costumes are all in the win zone. Gabe Cherise and Brittany, you guys look great! Tomorrow will be spent animating all day so I ended the Kon with a double serving of assorted food bentos. Good stuff!

    Oh, and my all time favorite will always be the Red Ranger there. I've spent the past 3 years looking for a blue ranger costume to wear for Halloween for the rest of my life, but I guess I'm better off finding someone or having myself make one D:


    Crystel Sundberg Yannell said...

    LOL AWESOME!!!! *^_^*

    thanks so much for posting these Jose!!!! ^^ lol everyone looks soooo cute!!!!! ^^ gahhh i wish it could have been on another weekend :( - hey ... >.> .... why aren't you dressed up Mr.?? lol - you can't go to the kon in mortal garb!!!! weren't you going as a guy from ... um... what's the name .... something Piece? sorry O.o ... <--- terrible memory O.O

    wow ^^!!! everyone is soooo cute!!!! ^^ i love all of the outfits!!! ^^ hehe - you guys are such an attractive bunch ^^V!!!

    omg Jose!!! i totally agree !!! <3 the blue ranger!!! ... red is ok too =P

    thank you for posting these ^O^

    Jose Marzan said...

    Ha ha, I dressed up both days but I'm too embarrassed to post a picture of myself. Kaveh gave me the link to his gallery of all the pictures he took at the Con, I'm in there so you'll have to find me. Black long sleeve, white pants and a yellow flower on my sleeve, Chad from Bleach XD


    Crystel Sundberg Yannell said...

    I found you!!! ^^ hehee very cute!!! *^_^* why no smile though?? you have the best smile!!! smile next time :)

    i'll have to thank Kaveh for taking all of these :) - i put on the cowboy bebop album and pretended i was there :)

    very cool ^^

    epic <3 to the female BumbleBee - soo cool O.O
    and Dr. Who :} ... and Link&DarkLink&fairies .... and all the SailorScouts :} ..and ... and ... and ... CHAD from BLEACH!!! - not from the pieces manga :P

    lol - i'm spamming on your blog :P

    doh >.<

    thank you so very much Jose!! ^^

    see you tomorrow ^^

    oh! ps - did Linda end up going??

    Candace said...
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