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    Monday, April 20, 2009

    I do not enjoy green eggs and scan

    Shaking/Water test
    Ralph and Kristen

    It seems that the time spent in front of my scanner is vastly more potent than any sort of prescription Hypnotic. With each page in the scanner, I wake up half as many hours later with drool dangerously oozing toward my animation stack. The water test is just that, still playing with the frame order and I need to erase the bottle line within the hand. It makes it look like his hand his moving up and down the bottle. Kristen is just in the layout phase here, she'll be more animatededed come Thursday.

    I quit scanning and went back to finishing my 2nd pass on Ralph and continued finishing up on my 1st pass on Kristen. I opted to scan just the layout frames of Kristen so that I'm sure I can get the timing right and plan it so that I don't have animation conflicting for attention. I may abandon the single shot for the entire movie, theres just too many layers I have to animate and composite back in per scene. I've got 7 planned and in progress just for this scene alone. D:

    Linda wasn't kidding when she said to animate your hardest scene so that you could get a feel of what you can/can't do in the amount of time you've got.

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