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    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    Why I love projectors

    When people started 'bombing' buildings with projectors I was all over it. A lot of people think graffiti is vandalism, which it isn't. Vandalism is what you call the ugly scribbles at bus stops, the awful tags under over passes and disrespectful spread on the side of a business or apartment building. Graffiti is that wonderful sometimes thought provoking piece thats hidden in plain sight.

    You find real graffiti in places where no one ever goes, like sewers or flood canals but almost always its down the path no one ever takes. Its always waiting to be found. Projectors don't leave marks, they can produce beautiful images but the best part is that as quick as they show up, they disappear at the flick of a switch. Plus they have the added effect of being animated.

    There was this one guy who projected a goldfish out of water on a sidewalk. It looked real and flopped along as if it were dying. No one noticed it until a little kid called to his mom, and suddenly a whole crowd appeared even though the projection started an hour ago. So cool.


    Brittany said...

    Oh hell yes, my thoughts exactly about graffiti. Projector style is just amazing.
    Stupid noob taggers on the streets give it a bad name, LOL.

    Jose Marzan said...

    I know right? I'd totally be ashamed leaving my name and zip code on a bus stop, way to 'represent' -.-