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    Monday, April 13, 2009

    More Animation+Old Comic

    So after wasting enough time digging around my computer and setting up my ultra ergonomic low budget -get more stuff done- workstation, I went in and got some of my animation onto my computer. I have Kristen all layout-ed but after spending the better portion of the day just getting Ralph I didn't feel like it anymore (-w-)

    Its close to 20 seconds, and theres more inbetweens to add in, mainly at the end. Then theres hair, the clothes, fingers, eyes, etc etc. and not to forget a 3D backdrop. Its going to be really simple, I'll try finish a mock up tomorrow before class. Also I solved the problem with not having enough room for Ralph's bottle shaking. I'll just animated it on another set and composite it later. Linda, you'll need to give me some directions as to making a shaking animation after class.

    Le Animation

    And lastly, while on my old desktop I found this nostalgic comic I did back when we were in ACM215/216. My friend had to do a daily schedule for her Design class and I figured I'd do one just for kicks, and post it up here just for lulz.

    Now that I think about it, that was a pretty shitty day since I smelt like cat piss the WHOLE DAY. I've also realized that it's been long overdue for me to murder that cat.


    dklopez said...


    Brittany said...

    I was overdue commenting how awesome your animation is, especially since you've got so much of your stuff done already. I'm wayyy behind.
    LOL @ the comic.
    I'd kill my cat if he did that. <_<

    Jose Marzan said...

    None of it is as completed or 1337 as yours though @_@ must work harder to catch up!